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I still seriously expect Chilton not to be dead, obviously because he’s in the book but you didn’t see the corpse. Hannibal is the only person who you actual see being told that Chilton is dead, maybe it’s a ploy for Hannibal to believe he is dead because they believe that Chilton might not actually be capable of being the ripper and it’s safe for him if Hannibal believes he’s dead?

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Keira Knightley by Greg Williams

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I have come here to die according to the law, and thus yield myself to the will of the king, my lord. And if in my life I ever did offend the king’s grace then surely with my death I do now atone.

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Escort, hooker, prostitute, whore—I don’t mind what you call me. That’s just semantics. (secret diary of a call girl posters - 1/32)

“… you just face facts that it can’t happen, walk away.”

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